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Everyone likes the idea of a cheat mode, or “God Mode.” Many years ago – I think around 1993 – Doom introduced the idea of switching a player into God Mode within the game by typing IDDQD. You’d then be invincible and get to feel like you’d discovered an exciting secret “Easter egg” in the game. How exciting the the developers hid this for us to find!



Steps To activate GOD Mode

An interesting feature is hidden in Windows 10 that gives you quick access to a lot of handy settings in one place. The so-called “God Mode” folder provides which provide links to a range of administrative tools and tweaks in Windows. It’s been around for a while in older versions of Windows is still alive and well. Here’s how to activate the Divine “God Mode” in Windows 10.



Step – 1 :

Right-click on the desktop and go to New > Folder to create a new folder.


Step – 2 :

 Rename the folder to: GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C} (Complete with the period after GodMode and the curly brackets)


Step – 3 :

 Open the GodMode folder to access over 260 commands, from administrative tools to backup tools to internet options and other important settings.



You can also drag and drop any of the commands from your GodMode folder to your desktop for quick access in the future.



Note that you can replace “GodMode” with any text you want, such as “JediMode” or “NinjaMode”.



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