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Download Torrent with UNLIMITED SPEED

Searching for a torrent downloader, which is able to download torrent with unlimited speed and many more features then read this blog and explore premium features of one of the best torrent downloader.

When searching for ways to download Torrents, you come upon many options. There are many choices out there, all with different features and capabilities. Which one do you download? Which one is the best for you? Which software downloader has everything you need? Is it safe? How fast does it download torrents?



Bitport provides you the answer to all these questions.

Why a standard torrent downloading software may not be for you:

  • You have to download a files on your computer
  • Slow internet connection, slow download speed
  • Privacy
  • User Safety
  • Easy of use



First and foremost, to use a torrent downloading software, you have to have installed the software on your computer. With a cloud based platform like Bitport, there is no installation whatsoever. Everything is done in the browser of any device.



Is your internet connection slow? With a downloading software, this would be a problem. The torrent is downloaded with your data, your internet connection. If your connection is slow, then your download speed will also be very slow. With a cloud based downloader, you do not have to worry about your internet speed. As a matter of fact, you can even turn off your device when downloading a torrent through the cloud downloader. It downloads at a much higher speed than through any internet connection.

Using a torrent software, your IP is visible to everyone and privacy is non-existent. On a cloud downloader, your IP address is in no way involved in the torrenting process. Everything is done on Bitport’s servers which are SSL encrypted. This way, you are completely secure and anonymous while downloading torrents.

So what is the best thing to do?

While there is a lot of different software for downloading torrents, it might be best to go with a cloud based downloader. The advantages and features of a cloud torrent downloader outweigh normal torrent downloading programs.



Top Features of Bitport


Download torrents to your cloud

With Bitport, you don’t need your own download client. All you need to do is choose what you want Bitport to download to your cloud. Bitport also runs and completes downloads while your computer is off. Moreover, you can access your files anywhere. It is not just limited to your desktop. With Bitport you can access your account anywhere even on your mobile devices and also on smart TVs.


Stream torrents online

With Bitport you don’t need to download files, you can stream them, with subtitles, right in your browser, or on your phone or tablet. It is the ideal solution for when you need to travel or when you’re bored in school.




You are safe on Bitport

Safety is important to us, so Premium accounts are SSL certificate protected and we allow payments with bitcoins. Furthermore, all downloaded files are checked by the well-known antivirus, NOD32.


How to use Bitport

Two Basic steps :

  1. Copy torrent link (Ctrl + C)
  2. Paste the link in Bitport (Ctrl + V)




Android App
Price: Free
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Other Features of Bitport :-

  • Watch Torrent on your Smart TV

  • Download Torrents on your Playstation and Xbox

  • Save your torrents directly to Google Drive.

  • Stream torrents on your iPad and iPhones.

  • Stream torrents on your Chromebook

  • Watch Torrents with Apple TV




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