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Consider these points before you Proceed:-

  • Don’t Change the Password Otherwise, you’ll be BANNED from TECKNITY.
  • Don’t delete Profiles because doing so will delete your Watch History.
  • Don’t Change Language, So that navigation for everyone is easy.
  • Canceling Membership of these accounts may result in Permanent Shut Down.
  • These accounts are not meant for personal use to make sure that these accounts are accessible for Everyone.



netflix account free



E-mail IdPassword
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Daily Free Netflix Accounts:-


DateE-mail IdPasswords
Fetch Password
11-Mar-2018xurarad@cars2.clubFetch Password
12-Mar-2018adryel.panagiotis@its0k.comFetch Password
13-Mar-2018d297940@nwytg.comFetch Password
14-Mar-2018welton.leelynd@its0k.comFetch Password
15-Mar-2018mihoxetuf@web2mailco.comFetch Password
16-Mar-2018hinan@emailsy.infoFetch Password
17-Mar-2018kuyofasi@emailsy.infoFetch Password
18-Mar-2018listehegna@ziyap.comFetch Password


  1. Doesn’t work. Why don’t people just follow simple instructions of not changing passwords and not to logout when using cookies??? These people are spoiling it for everyone.

  2. wouldn’t it be much easier to send the account to individuals who are requesting the accounts..

    • Tecknity Reply

      There are hundreds and thousands of people visiting the page every day. So ya sure we can create those 1000 Netflix accounts every day and send them to people. Look we try to create a few accounts and post them here so that people can use it, without changing the passwords. But some people never understand and change the passwords.

  3. Man they keep changing the damn password. I wait for hours to get the account and when i go out for 5 mins, you guys upload the account and someone else gets it and changes the password

  4. Hi, I must say I love your netflix methods, but people are abusing your good work here, how about you select random people and give them account instead of posting here.
    I hope people understand the value that they’re getting.
    Thanks alot

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