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People have probably asked us this question hundreds of time that How To Earn Money From YouTube and is it easy. Well today we are going to answer all those questions in the simplest way we can.


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Why YouTube?

Why YouTube and not some random other website such as DailyMotion or Po*nTube ? Well the answer is very easy, YouTube is the biggest video content sharing platform and daily millions or may be even billions of people use it which are more likely to watch your content. This means more views and that means more income for you. But that does not makes it easy. One hour of video is uploaded to YouTube every second this means the competition is very tough but you can still make your way through this competition. To know how, keep reading.



On What Basis does YouTube Pay?

This is a very frequent question and many people seem to think that YouTube pays you on the basis of likes and subscribers on your YouTube channel but this is totally wrong. YouTube does not pay you on the basis of likes or subscribers often you can have 0 subscribers and a million dislikes and still earn through YouTube. I have heard people saying that you earn on the basis of views on your videos. But that is wrong too.

So on what basis does it Pay you? Well the answer is very simple, YouTube pays you according to the Ads your viewer  views. That means if your viewer views 2 ads then you get the commission for two ads and sometimes people with a lot of views earn very low due to less ads shown to their viewers.



How Much does It Pay?

YouTube usually pays around $1-2 per Thousand views but this depends on the location of your viewers. If your visitors are from USA or United Kingdom or any such high paying places then the revenue generated per thousand view will be more. Some times the revenue also increases during the sales when advertisers pay more to advertise their content over others. The language of your video also determines your revenue as the language decides the location of your viewers.



How to get more Views?

Now that views are proportional to revenue the question arises that how to increase the views of your videos.  The algorithm of YouTube keeps on changing but more or less one thing remains the same and that is that it suggests your video to others based on the tags that you put in the video. SO make sure to add proper and appropriate tags in the video.

YouTube also uses your video title and description in order to suggest your videos to others so make sure that you add a good title and a proper and detailed description.



What should be the Content of Videos?

That is completely up to you it doesn’t matter what is the content of your video, what is important is that people should like it. One thing that every big YouTuber says is keep making videos and don’t stop you will get success someday.

Any how if you were to ask me then I would suggest that you should make Tech videos as that is the most revenue generating content.



Wish You Good Luck.

Have A Great Start.




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