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OnePlus 6 launch has been confirmed by  the company and will be launched in June. Read the article for more in depth details.


OnePlus 6 launch has been Decided To Be In June With “Snapdragon 845”

OnePlus has confirmed the launch date of Oneplus 6 to be in the month of June in 2018. OnePlus CEO Pete Lau has recently asserted that the next OnePlus flagship smartphone (he didn’t mention OnePlus 6 but still according to previous versions it should be OnePlus 6) will follow the company’s uniform timeline and will be launched around the same time when OnePlus 5 was launched last year. The OnePlus Chief also confirmed that the device will be powered by Qualcomm’s most recent flagship processor, Snapdragon 845 SoC.


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As of now, the name of the upcoming OnePlus smartphone has not been confirmed but going by the company’s regular line-up, it should be named the OnePlus 6. As per the report, the CEO also puts a question mark over the company’s trend of launching two devices in one year, as the CEO was “not sure” about introducing a second device in 2018.

OnePlus could make agreements with US carriers

The most important thing in this interview is not the confirmation of the launch of its upcoming smartphone, which is obvious after all, but rather the fact that OnePlus would have begun to talk with some US carriers, with a motive to drive more audience with greater potential towards their devices.



For now, however, a date has not been specified for the arrival of OnePlus terminals to the US market by some of the most important operators in the country, and Lau has merely stated that “if the opportunity appears correct at the right time, we will be very happy to experiment.”

Latest Available Model “OnePlus 5T”

OnePlus has just launched the OnePlus 5T. OnePlus 6 will be coming this year so let’s first talk about the OnePlus 5T. OnePlus has updated its flagship phone OnePlus 5 just after 5 months of launch. Not at a lot has changed though. OnePlus 5T has addressed the complaint of not having a bezel-less display by adding a 6 inch AMOLED display which looks beautiful.



We all know very well that the OnePlus 5T is still recent, and the controversy stalking the Chinese company once again, OnePlus has decided to make us look elsewhere. Specifically, until the second half of this year 2018 that has just begun.




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