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Insurance, Attorney & Lawyers Facts :


  • Starbucks pays more for employee health insurance than it pays for coffee.
  • Your credit score can affect home insurance premium
    Speaking of price, you might think the home, its location and its contents will determine what you pay for insurance. These are important factors, but so is something else: your credit history.
    Though a few states ban the practice, in most cases your credit history affects what you pay for home insurance. The better the credit rating, the lower the premiums you are likely to pay. So, while you may be focused on spiffing up your credit rating in order to get a good deal on your mortgage loan, you should work to maintain a good rating even after that loan is in place. Good credit could save you money on home insurance for years to come.
  • The very first car insurance contract was signed after the car invented and the term ‘car insurance’ coined after the invention of car. After the invention of car, car insurance types keep on changing drastically and there are many type of car insurance from which you can choose the desired one.
  • It doesn’t always pay to make a home insurance claim Use your judgement before you make a home insurance claim, because it may cause your premium to increase. This is significant, because making a claim has a one-time benefit while premiums must be paid year after year.
  • Start with the fundamental question: why do people get home insurance? The simple answer is to protect their home and personal property. A standard home insurance policy covers the home and your belongings, as well as your liability for any injuries or property damage you, your family members or pets may cause others. It also may provide additional living expenses in case you can’t live in the home while it’s being repaired after an insured disaster.


  • Attorneys are highly educated professionals and officers of the court who are bound by an ethical code, maintain legal privilege, and in most cases, work on a contingency basis. As defenders of the Constitution, attorneys are opposed to conflicts of interest and are bound to the highest degree of loyalty to you, their client. Here are the top 10 facts about attorneys that you may not be aware of.
  • The first lawyers in history weren’t actually lawyers. In ancient Greece, the earliest attorneys were actually orators who became advocates for people. They most wrote speeches for litigants and occasionally stood up before juries as witnesses for them.
    An attorney can sometimes have your case dismissed without even going to court. In fact, attorneys do not always have to go to court to have a case concluded. Transactional attorneys and others can make it so that your case never sees the light of day and you needn’t step into a courtroom.
    However, attorney privilege isn’t absolute. Although attorneys can’t tell anyone what you have told them in the vast majority of circumstances, there are a few very limited exceptions. If, for example, you tell an attorney about your intent to cause someone else immediate harm and your attorney believes you seriously intend to commit that harm, the attorney has an obligation to disclose what you are planning and try to stop you.
  • Most attorneys work on a “contingency” basis. What this means is that they do not get paid unless they win your case. This is a great benefit to you, as having a vested interest in your case, your attorney will work extra hard to win.
    Attorneys are bound by something called fiduciary duty. This means that by law an attorney cannot allow his or her own personal interests, or the interests of a third party, to interfere with the representation of his or her client.
  • Attorneys cannot represent multiple clients whose interests are in conflict. Conflict of interest is taken very seriously in the legal world, which will only protect you in the long run. If another client seeks representation from your attorney and his or her interest could or would compromise the integrity of your case, your attorney will not represent them.
  • Most attorneys have their own special area of expertise. While there are general practice attorneys who specialize in multiple fields, for the most part, attorneys have one area that they are very good at. This means that if you are going through a divorce, retaining a family law attorney will ensure that you get the very best divorce representation possible.



  • The World’s Biggest Liar event is an annual competition for telling lies held in Cumbria, England. Competitors have five minutes to tell the most convincing lie they can, and lawyers are banned because “they are judged to be too skilled at telling porkies
  • Ted Bundy was his own lawyer during his hearing in which he asked to go to the library to research his case then jumped out of a window to hike up the nearby mountains and camped there, then he found and stole a car before police noticed his car weaving and finally apprehended him.
  • A lawyer in Toronto once tried to demonstrate the strength of a window in his high-rise office by running straight into it. The window didn’t shatter, but it did pop out of its frame and sent him falling 24 stories to his death.
  • A defense lawyer (who was also a congressman) in a murder trial accidentally shot himself and died while reenacting the possibility of a victim accidentally shooting and killing themselves instead of his client; the defendant was then set free.
  • When lawyer Jack Thompson found out you can kiss other guys in the T-Rated game Bully, he wrote a letter to the ESRB about it saying “good luck with your Teen rating now”. The ESRB responded saying they were fully aware of the content when they rated it

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