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How to use?

Given below is a short and simple description of how you can use our extension in order to enjoy unlimited Movies and T.V. shows.

  • 1

    Download Extension

    Download our extension by using the given links. If you need to update the extension remove the old version from Chrome and install the new one. The procedure to install the extension is given here: How to install the extension.

  • 2

    Get Cookies

    Go to the Tecknity website. Follow the procedure in order to get the cookie and when you land on the final cookies page where you can see the cookie.

  • 3

    Apply Cookie

    Once you are on the cookie page click on the Use Cookie button on our extension. The cookie would be automatically applied and a new tab will open where you will be authenticated automatically.

  • 4

    # How to Log Out

    After you successfully log in, if you want to logout due to errors like "Too many people are using this account" or any other reason then please click on the logout button provided in the extension.

How to download and install extension?

Step 1:

Download our Chrome or Firefox extension according to your browser.

  • For Firefox you just need to go to the store using the link given and download the extension on your firefox browser.
  • For Chrome you can follow the procedure given below to install the extension manually.

Free Netflix
Free Netflix
Free Netflix

Step 2:

Open the extensions page on your Chrome browser i.e. chrome://extensions/.

*** Don't forget to turn on the developers mode from the top right corner of the chrome://extensions/ page. ***
Free Netflix

Step 3:

Extact the folder downloaded and drag the complete folder on the chrome://extensions/ page.
The extension will automatically get added to you Chrome and now you are ready to use it.

Free Netflix

How To Logout:

After you successfully log in, if you wish to logout. Please click on the logout button provided in the extension.